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The equipment eliminates troublesome and time consuming tasks of counting seeds for Germination and sowing tests by manual process through highly accurate Vacuum Seed Counter. The counter operates by means of suction with force of air stream through a flexible plastic tube attached with a gun and removable brass plate for counting accurate 50 or 100 seeds in just five seconds.

The Vacuum Seed Counter having tow high powered motors of 700 Watts each can operate separately and jointly for getting Low,Medium and High Sucation through selector switch for packing up light and heavy seeds of different sizes. The unit also  having Thermal Cut off Device which prevents the motors from burning by cutting of electricity in case of excessive heating up to 88 Deg. C.

Brass plates for counting 50 or 100 seeds of different type at a time is highly accurate and simple process while in use by any laymen.. The gun have a facility of trigger to stop the suction velocity and release the seeds from the attachable  brass  plate for preserving the  samples on Germination paper.

RATING                                    :        1400 Watts Max.

POWER CONSUMPTION             :        1.40 Units/hour

CURRENT RATING                     :        7 Amp. Max.

NOS. OF MOTORS                     :        2

VOLTAGE                                  :        230 Volts AC.

WEIGHT                                   :        15 Kg approx.

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